SAE J564v001
SAE J563v001
SAE J562v001
SAE J561v001
SAE J560v002
SAE J554v001
SAE J553v001
SAE J551-11V002
SAE J551-11-2000
SAE J551_17v001
SAE J551_15v001
SAE J551_13v001
SAE J551_12v001
SAE J551_5v002
SAE J551_2v001
SAE J551_1v001
SAE J549V002
SAE J549-1999
SAE J548-2V002
SAE J548-2-2000
SAE J548-1V002
SAE J548-1-2000
SAE J544v001
SAE J543v001
SAE J542v001
SAE J541v001
SAE J539v001
SAE J537V002
SAE J534v002
SAE J533V002
SAE J532v001
SAE J531v001
SAE J510v001
SAE J506v001
SAE J503v002
SAE J502v001
SAE J501v001
SAE J499av001
SAE J497v001
SAE J496v002
SAE J495v002
SAE J494v001
SAE J493v001
SAE J492v002
SAE J485v002
SAE J483v002
SAE J482v002
SAE J476av001
SAE J473av001
SAE J471dv001
SAE J470cv001
SAE J469v001
SAE J468v001
SAE J467bv001
SAE J466v001
SAE J465v001
SAE J464v001
SAE J462v001
SAE J460v001
SAE J459v001
SAE J457v001
SAE J454v001
SAE J452v001
SAE J451v001
SAE J450v001
SAE J449av001
SAE J448av001
SAE J447v001
SAE J445v001
SAE J444v001
SAE J443v001
SAE J442V0
SAE J441v001
SAE J439av001
SAE J438bv001
SAE J437av001
SAE J435cv001
SAE J434v001
SAE J431V002
SAE J430v002
SAE J429V003
SAE J428v001
SAE J427v001
SAE J426v001
SAE J425v001
SAE J423v002
SAE J422v001
SAE J420v001
SAE J419v001
SAE J417v001
SAE J415v001
SAE J413v001
SAE J412v001
SAE J409v001
SAE J406v002
SAE J405v002
SAE J404V002
SAE J403V004
SAE J402v001
SAE J401V002
SAE J400V0
SAE J399v001
SAE J398v001
SAE J397v001
SAE J393V002
SAE J392v001
SAE J391v001
SAE J390V002
SAE J387v001
SAE J386v001
SAE J385v001
SAE J384v001
SAE J383v001
SAE J381V002
SAE J380v001
SAE J379v001
SAE J378v001
SAE J377V003
SAE J375v001
SAE J374v001
SAE J373v001
SAE J371v001
SAE J370v002
SAE J369v001
SAE J367v001
SAE J366V002
SAE J365v001
SAE J363v001
SAE J361v001
SAE J360V0
SAE J359v001
SAE J358v001
SAE J357V002
SAE J356V002
SAE J350v001
SAE J349v001
SAE J348v001
SAE J347v001
SAE J345av001
SAE J343V003
SAE J342v001
SAE J339v001
SAE J336V002
SAE J335v001
SAE J332v001
SAE J331V002
SAE J328v001
SAE J326v001
SAE J323v002
SAE J322v001
SAE J321V002
SAE J318v002
SAE J315v001
SAE J314v001
SAE J313v001
SAE J312V004
SAE J311V002
SAE J310V002
SAE J308v001
SAE J306v002
SAE J304V003
SAE J301V003
SAE J300V002
SAE J299v001
SAE J297v001
SAE J294v001
SAE J293v001
SAE J292v001
SAE J291v001
SAE J288v001
SAE J286v001
SAE J285V002
SAE J284v001
SAE J283V002
SAE J280v001
SAE J279v001
SAE J278v001
SAE J277v001
SAE J276v001
SAE J274v001
SAE J273v001
SAE J272v001
SAE J268v001
SAE J267V002
SAE J266v001
SAE J265v001
SAE J264v002
SAE J259v001
SAE J257v001
SAE J255v001
SAE J254v001
SAE J253v001
SAE J250v001
SAE J249v001
SAE J247v001
SAE J246V002
SAE J244v001
SAE J243v001
SAE J240v001
SAE J238v002
SAE J235v001
SAE J234v001
SAE J232v001
SAE J230v001
SAE J229v001
SAE J228v001
SAE J226v001
SAE J225v001
SAE J224v001
SAE J222V002
SAE J220v002
SAE J218v001
SAE J217v001
SAE J216V002
SAE J215v001
SAE J214v001
SAE J213v001
SAE J212v002
SAE J211-2V002
SAE J211_1v001
SAE J209v001
SAE J207v001
SAE J201v001
SAE J200V0
SAE J198V002
SAE J195v001
SAE J192v001
SAE J191v002
SAE J190v002
SAE J189v002
SAE J188v002
SAE J187v001
SAE J185v001
SAE J184V002
SAE J183V002
SAE J182v002
SAE J180v001
SAE J179V002
SAE J177v001
SAE J176v001
SAE J175v001
SAE J174v002
SAE J174mv002
SAE J169v001
SAE J167v001
SAE J164v001
SAE J163v001
SAE J160V002
SAE J159v001
SAE J158v001
SAE J156V002
SAE J154v001
SAE J153v001
SAE J151V002
SAE J141v001
SAE J140v001
SAE J139V002
SAE J138v001
SAE J135v001
SAE J134v001
SAE J133v001
SAE J131v002
SAE J129v001
SAE J128v001
SAE J126v001
SAE J125v001
SAE J123v001
SAE J122v002
SAE J121v001
SAE J121mv001
SAE J119v001
SAE J115v001
SAE J114v001
SAE J112av001
SAE J111v001
SAE J110v002
SAE J109V002
SAE J108V002
SAE J107v001
SAE J101v001
SAE J100V002
SAE J99v001
SAE J98v001
SAE J96v001
SAE J95v001
SAE J92v001
SAE J90v001
SAE J89v001
SAE J88v001
SAE J82v002
SAE J81v002
SAE J80v001
SAE J79v001
SAE J78v002
SAE J75V002
SAE J68v001
SAE J67v002
SAE J64v001
SAE J58v002
SAE J57V002
SAE J56V002
SAE J51v002
SAE J49v001
SAE J47v002
SAE J46v001
SAE J45v001
SAE J44v001
SAE J43v001
SAE J38v001
SAE J35v001
SAE J33V002
SAE J30v002
SAE J20V003
SAE J20-2V001
SAE J20-1V001
SAE J19v002
SAE J18V002
SAE J17v001
SAE HS 1417 1996
SAE HS 806 2001 SAE Oil Filter Test Procedure
SAE AS141011998
SAE AS155301 THRU AS155600A-2007
SAE AS123601 THRU AS123750B-2007
SAE AS81820C-2008
SAE AS81820-4B-2007
SAE AS81820-2B-2007
SAE AS81820-1B-2007
SAE AS27198A-2008 Seal.Plain.Rubber.(-65 to + 350 Degrees F Fuel Resistant).Mold in Groove
SAE AS27197A-2008 Seal.Plain.Rubber.(Hot Air Resistant 400 Degree F).Mold in Groove
SAE AS27196A-2008 gasket, rubber, fluid resistant,oils, synthetic oils and fuels(-65 to +400 °f), mold in groove
SAE AS27196A-2008 gasket, rubber, fluid resistant,oils, synthetic oils and fuels(-65 to +400 °f), mold in g
SAE AS22759-87b-2007
SAE AS22759-86b-2007
SAE AS15001B-2007 fitting, lubrication, hydraulic, surface check,.250-28 taper threads, steel, type i
SAE AS9716A-2007
SAE AS9359A-2007 (R) nut, castellated, hexagon, silver plated, cres uns s66286, 130 ksi min
SAE AS9101-2006
SAE AS8879D-2004
SAE AS7245A-2007 Inserts, Screw Thread, Helical Coil 19Cr-9.2Ni, Corrosion Resistant Steel,Procurement Specification For
SAE AS7003D-2008 (R)Nadcap Program Requirements
SAE AS5986A-2008 fitting assembly, adapter ring locked port connection to beam seal 4000 psi and 5000 psi
SAE AS5978A-2008 (R) fitting assembly, 45°, female flareless, axially swaged, hydraulic, 5080 psi
SAE AS5976A-2008 (R) fitting assembly, 90°, female flareless, axially swaged, hydraulic, 5080 psi
SAE AS5974A-2008 (R) fitting assembly, straight, female flareless, axially swaged, hydraulic, 5080 psi
SAE AS5951C-2008 Hose Assembly, Polytetrafluoroethylene, Para-Aramid Reinforced, 5080 psi (35,000 kPa), 275 °F (135 °C), Aircraft Hydraulic Systems
SAE AS5951C-2008 Hose Assembly, Polytetrafluoroethylene, Para-Aramid Reinforced, 5080 psi (35,000 kPa), 27
SAE AS5716-2010
SAE AS5491C-2007
SAE AS5385B-2004 Cargo Restraint Straps Design Criteria and Testing Methods
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SAE AS4373D-2010
SAE AS4059E-2005
SAE AS3215A-2004
SAE AS3088A-2007 (R) stud, straight, key locked, cadmium plated, steel,.3125-24 unJf-3a x .3125-24 unJf-3a
SAE AS3087A-2007 (R) stud straight, key locked,cadmium plated, steel,.250-28 unJf-3a x .250-28 unJf-3a
SAE AS3086A-2007 (R) stud straight, key locked, cadmium plated, steel,1900-32 unJf-3a x .1900-32 unJf-3a
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SAE AS 85049-18A-2007
SAE AS 39029-46A-2008
SAE AS 39029-5 - 2006-08
SAE AS 22759-89B-2007 Wire, Electrical, Polytetrafluoroethylene-Polyimide Insulated, Normal Weight, Silver Coated, High Strength or Ultra High Strength Copper Alloy, 200-mDC, 600 Volts
SAE AS 17108A-2008 (R) bearing, ball, annular, primarily for aircraft generators and motor-generators, wide cartridge, type ii
SAE AS 17108A-2008 (R) bearing, ball, annular, primarily for aircraft generators and motor-generators, wid
SAE AS 9890A-2007 5000-20 UNJF-3A、CRES UNS S41800
SAE AS 9565C-2007
SAE AS 9556C-2007
SAE AS 9519B-2007
SAE AS 9100C-2009
SAE AS 9100C-2009 Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations
SAE AS 9100-2004
SAE AS 8791A-2003 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Retainers (Back-Up Rings), Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Resin
SAE AS 568B Aerospace Size Standard for O-Rings
SAE AS 568B - 2001 Aerospace Size Standard for O-Rings
SAE ARP-1420_B_Gas Turbine Engine Inlet Flow Distortion Guidelines
SAE ARP823E-2007
SAE ARP 4754-2010
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SAE AMS-M-7866A-2007
SAE AMS-I-23011A-2007