Designing Service Processes to Unlock Value Second Edition
Business Model Design and Learning A Strategic Guide
Technical Marketing Communication A Guide to Writing, Design, and Delivery
T-142 Additive Manufacturing for Designers A Primer
Communication in Responsible Business Strategies, Concepts, and Cases
DB11/T 1322.74-2020安全生产等级评定技术规范 第74部分:兽药生产企业
Belief Systems, Religion, and Behavioral Economics Marketing in Multicultural En.
Successful Cross- Cultural Management
Success Theory and Practice
Business Liability and Economic
ASME B31.5-2019 Refrigeration Piping and Heat Transfer Components
Social Media Marketing Strategies in Utilizing Consumer-Generated Content
Social Entrepreneurship From Issue to Viable Plan
Basics of Branding A Practical Guide for Managers
AIR6110 Contiguous AircraftSystem Development Process Example
Business Models and Strategic Management A New Integration
Regression for Economics Second Edition
Regression Analysis Understanding and Building Business and Economic Models Usin.
ASHRAE 15-2019 (packaged w_ 34-2019)