BS EN 62608-1-2014 2
BS EN 71-7-2014 欧洲标准全文下载
BS EN IEC 60794-1-211-2021 Optical fibre cables. Generic specification.
BS EN 60947-1-2007 + A2-2014
BS EN 50124-1-2001绝缘要求 爬电距离(中文)
BS EN 12516-4-2014
BS EN IEC 60320-2-4-2021--Appliance couplers for household and si【美军标】MILar general purposes. Couplers dependent on appliance weight
EN 61076-2-109-2014 Connectors for electronic equipment Product requirements Circular connectors Detail specification for connec
BS IEC 62715-5-1 2017
IEC 61076-2-104-2014 电子设备连接器 产品要求 第2-104部分 圆形连接器详细规范圆形连接器M8螺丝锁或卡锁
BS IEC 62715-6-3-2020 Flexible display devices. Mechanical test methods. Impact and hardness tests
BS EN ISO 10664-2014 British Standard European Standard英国标准欧盟标准国际标准
BS EN 13599-2014 British Standard European Standard Part1
BS AU 218-1987
BS AU 214-3-1988
BS EN 13445-2-2014 British Standard英国标准European Standard欧盟标准Part 3
BS EN 60974-10-2014+A1-2015 弧焊设备.第10部分:电磁兼容性要求
IEC 61076-2-104-2014
BS EN IEC 60320-2-3-2021--Appliance couplers for household and si【美军标】MILar general purposes. Appliance couplers with a degree of pro
DIN - 德国食品标准